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Who We Are

8A Roxburgh

Community Development has for 31 years worked alongside communities in the Christchurch and Canterbury/Westland region. Once a separate division of Anglican Care, we now form part of the wider Christchurch City Mission family.

Using a Community Development process, a diverse range of projects have evolved with the communities in:

What is meant by a Community Development Process?

“Community Development is a participatory process including all people collectively working to facilitate change and address issues.”

Workers engage with the local community to ascertain community strengths, needs and goals. Research is undertaken and local people involved in the decisions as to what activities they want to develop.

As the community is involved from the outset, the community development process results in strengthened communities and improvement in social and physical well being.

“Give a person a fish and they feed themselves for a day, teach a person how to fish and they will feed themselves for life…” – a short video about CD

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