Governance & Management

In 2019 Anglican Care Community Development became a division of the Christchurch City Mission,.

An overview of ACCD’s structure can be seen from our organisational chart:

ACCD Organisational Chart

Community Development  is a division within the City Mission, which is part of Anglican Care, the social service arm of the Anglican Church in Canterbury-Westland.

Anglican Care is registered as a charity under the Charities Act. Our registration number is CC 27132.

And more information can be found on their website

Community Development, City Mission works in the Christchurch and Canterbury/Westland region with marginalised and vulnerable sectors of the community. This community development work is recognised and supported by external funders including Christchurch City Council, The Rata Foundation and Lottery Community.

WE work with the community to develop a variety of programmes and initiatives building supportive networks, increasing skills and knowledge.  This is accomplished through a network of four neighbourhood hubs facilitated by the division’s qualified and experienced community development workers. These programmes offer healthy options, a range of life skills, personal growth, help break down social isolation and enable people to participate and belong to a community.

OUR community experience is acknowledged by tertiary education providers in Canterbury. Canterbury University and ARA regularly place up to three social work students to convert their academic learning into community development practice.

Relationships with Canterbury/Westland parishes are recognised as key opportunities for other community supported initiatives and a variety of programmes are continually assessed and established.

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